Joseph's Chateau, LLC - Residential Care Home for Men 55 Plus

I have so appreciated the opportunity to live at Joseph’s Chateau.  This has been one of a very few high points of being a Wounded Veteran living in a VA Medical Foster Care Home. 

Joseph’s Chateau has Direct TV in each of the private bedrooms for the residents.  We are a family of three guys that make up this home.  Sheri our caregiver and director of the program allow us to watch the TV shows that we enjoy how every late we want to.  We also have a big screen TV in the day room that we all gather to gather quiet often and share ice cream and popcorn together while we share a movies, ball games, or NSCAR races together with our therapy dog Sadie, playing with her toys and eating her cookie or cracker in front of us.

Sheri supports me in …as she says…”we are dining and enjoying losing weight with healthy eating, using the good china, and good etiquette/manners with soul food and county conversation.”  Sheri always stresses that this is our home while we are here and she and Sadie operates it like one.  She is very patient with us guys and helps us talk through things as long as it takes which sometimes has been hours. 
The general living conditions are excellent! I hear her working late into the night as I go to sleep to have the home clean, neat, and tidy for us the next day.  She has the support workers come in while we are asleep sometimes to clean the carpets, fix something that has broken like a handle on the door cardboard. 

She helps me with my small week allowance I get in budgeting it so I have enough for Metro Mobility all week with some extra to pay my other bills.  She has helped me get my credit rating from poor to good and now I am working to get to excellent.  I have been able to pay off all debt, school loan, and other expenses.  She has encouraged and believed in me when no one else has.  She never shames me and she always helps me to see the good side of a sad situation.  She has a way of helping you laugh through the trail.

Sheri takes us guys out and about a lot.  We go together to Menards to buy a nail for the house or Mills Fleet Farm, Walmart for groceries, the bank, doctors’ appointments, church, and social events. 

Sheri has counseled, consoled, and encouraged me regarding family, medications, friends, driving, Metro Mobility, Spiritual – like how to live in Christ.  Then we have shopping, budgeting, banking, helping me organize my stuff, avoiding scams, replacing a professional team member, referring me to professional contacts, and where to go to shred personal paperwork to protect my identity. 

She has covered my back when I was staying out to late, negotiated conflicts between use guys, and help me get into the YMCA.   She also helps get me into a really good Day Care Program, introduced me to a little bit about acupuncture, and taught me how to make my own coffee which I thoroughly enjoy…smile! And last but not least she has taught me how to live with Sadie our little 20 pound Lhasa apso therapy dog that listens to all our ups and downs and loves me anyways!


Joseph’s Chateau has been a life saver for me.  I have lived here four years now and this is my home.  Sheri, the director and owner of Joseph’s Chateau, got a puppy - a Lhasa Apso - and I helped raise her.   So, now, she and I are two peas in a pod.  We do everything together and Sadie watches over all three of the VA residents that live here and we play, love, and take care of her.  She is the central spoke of the heart of Joseph’s Chateau.  Sadie takes her responsibilities very seriously!  She checks on us, goes from lap to lap while we watch TV with her and she plays with each of us.  If we are tired and go lay down, then she will come and lay down with us.  She loves her massages and when you stop massaging she pokes her noise on your hand as a sign to continue. 

Joseph’s Chateau is a beautiful home maintained by Sheri.  We get to watch her work and take care of the yard, clean, cook, fix things, and move furniture.  In general, she is a jack of all trades and a hard worker.  Sheri is a good cook and this is a safe and nice home in which to be.  The home is close to the VA Center and the Adult Day program.   All the vets here are in the VA Medical Foster Care Home Program  whereby the team of VA professionals come to us.  This includes our primary doctor.  So, we don’t have to go to the VA.  We also have a team of various care professionals that come and check on us weekly or whenever we need it.  Part of that team is the VA nurse who comes and sets up my medications.  Sheri, then, monitors and reminds me to take them.  Sheri does a super job in keeping abreast of all the government regulations.  The home has hand rails throughout and grab bars in all the bathrooms.
We are located close to the VA Medical Center, Mall of America, the International Airport, the new Outlet Center, and my favorite is the West Robert Street Strip where Menards, McDonalds, Baker's Square, Arby’s and many other good places to eat and shop are located.  The police and fire station is just six block away.

We also have very good neighbors, like Cory to the East, who has a wife and family of two little ones .  Cory faithfully comes to help and has helped Sheri build a fifth bedroom in the lower level of our home.  We had a lot of fun watching them work on that project.  And then we have Mark on the West side of us.  He works for the VA in the snow bird department where they transfer medical records south during the fall season and then north during the spring season.  He is a great guy also. 

We also have a walking path across the street from us that we and a lot of other seniors use to get out and get a little exercise.  Sheri has lots of flowers in the front of the house that she calls the Butterfly garden, oak trees in back for the squirrels, and a big arbor and bench swings upon which to rest and relax. 

We have Direct TV here in each of our bedrooms with a big screen TV in the day room, and newspaper and magazines to keep up on the sports.  We residents like the quiet environment to be calm and tranquil most of the time until we watch a Vikings vs Packers football game, then we get a little noisy while we are eating our popcorn and drinking our pop. 

E. F.
My brother Mike H. had a stroke at 65 and was signed in at the Vets Hospital in Minneapolis.  Mike's two sons then signed him up for a memory loss facility in his home town of Mankato and then to a larger nursing home in Mankato where he was treated good but really didn't get the personal attention to keep him busy though out the day.  Yes, they had activities, but Mike didn't sign up for them and was basically sleeping all the time and didn't get out much.  We then signed him up at "Joseph's Chateau" where he was closer to the VA Hospital in Minneapolis and Sharon, the director at Joseph's Chateau, signed him up for adult day care and some spiritual events that I think prepared him for his death.

While at Joseph's Chateau Mike had other men to play cards with and the attention he needed to keep busy.  I think in my brother Mikes last months he needed the spiritual and physical care that was provided to him.  I would recommend Joseph's Chateau.  It is a caring and wonderful place.
Rick H. (Mike's brother)