Joseph's Chateau, LLC - Residential Care Home for Men 55 Plus

Welcome to Joseph’s Chateau
This is an invitation for men (aged 55+), to come and live in a home and suburban environment that is maintained to be nurturing – with laughter, personal care, household helps, home monitoring, medication reminders, transportation and escort services.  Our specialty areas are general companion care, memory aids, respite, and rehabilitation.  
The quality services provided at Joseph’s Chateau are individually designed to promote your independence, dignity, and well-being.  The emphasis is on supporting what you can do and finding “peace of mind” solutions to challenges.  Joseph’s Chateau strives to provide quality, compassionate care and companionship within a loving and hopeful spiritual environment of integrity, respect, value, healing, and quiet tranquility.
A life changing event is always a journey into the unknown and creating a new normal is not an easy or a fun trip.  Men who are facing their new life limitations along with the health-care system experience must also deal emotionally with the larger soul and spirit issues.  The soul senses a new move into this deep and meaningful time.  The feelings and energy are revealed in physical expression and even illness.  Soul prefers music, poetry, art, insight, reflection, layers of meaning, mystery, imagination, and nuance.  The soul wants to create deep ties with others.  Spirit prefers solitude and detachment and favors symbols and focus. 
Joseph's Chateau helps with these processes by encouraging and supporting a purposeful and faithful life direction.  Traditional and alternative medicine along with the resident's faith base brings an eclectic approach.  Through these inspirations one can find a new source of meaning and the calming of anxieties in the face of a serious accident or illness.   
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